Executive Coaching

The DRIVE 100 Day Programme is a dynamic, effective and results-focused executive coaching course chosen by those leaders wanting immediate impact and change.  It offers clients unique, bespoke, valuable solutions in a short period of time.

Graduate Training Programme

Graduates may be well qualified, but they often come to you as ‘rough diamonds’.  We create Graduate Programmes that embed the company culture and build vital soft skills.  We create an environment that allows individuals to feel confident enough to bring their own ideas and fresh thinking to the business.

Reduced stress and absence

Mental health has a huge impact on absence figures – and can cost a fortune.  Companies that invest in the wellbeing of their people benefit enormously. Not only does it help to build a positive culture within your business, benefits can be seen with your customer’s experience too; directly impacting the bottom line.

Gender Diversity Workshops

We help the women in your business understand how to be even more effective.  We investigate attitudes to risk taking, consider how a personal brand can add to your impact and examine what steps can be taken to get past perceived barriers to success.

Improved Emotional Intelligence with the Strengths Deployment Inventory

The SDI creates a common language across all levels and personality types, where  communication is neither diluted nor distorted by emotions. It enables people to understand the meaning and motivation behind the behaviours of colleagues, customers and self. This insight allows people to communicate, negotiate and influence with significantly more impact.

Development Centres

Our Development and Assessment Centres provide employees and candidates with valuable insights into their personal strengths and future potential. They provide employers with an effective means of assessing current or future talent to ensure they select the right people for the job and focus development in the right areas.