We will support you with tailored business and culture change programmes, leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and regulatory compliance activities.

We work alongside existing HR and operational teams to complement and support their strategies.

Our mission is to make our clients look great in the eyes of customers, regulators, competitors and shareholders.

Take a look at what some of our clients say...

Drive Consulting Case Studies

Culture Change Programme

Some team members were concerned that a focus on fair outcomes for customers would lead to unfair outcomes for us. The month following our training we had our best ever monthly result – all because our customers are now happy to talk to us and be honest about their financial situation. A year on from our initial training we have created a culture we are proud of and are now £400m ahead of our financial plan. For all the doubters out there… it really works!

Operations Manager, loans company

Executive Coaching

It’s exciting to see how far I’ve come in just three months. Whilst coaching with DRIVE has certainly been a challenging journey, I have always felt supported and understood. I have already recommended that my Board undergo coaching with DRIVE.

Sales Director, technology company

Gender Diversity Workshops

Superb, inspiring, uplifting, informative and still grounded in reality. Too short though – we need more! It far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for giving me confidence and the self-belief to make the right choices and achieve my goals in all areas of my life.

Senior Leader, telecoms

Leadership Development

My manager today is a different person from the one I knew a few months ago. He now listens to my ideas and I feel he appreciates my input. The team have smashed their targets and it’s a much nicer place to work. If only he’d been on this programme five years ago!

Customer Services Agent, contact centre

Development Centres

This experience was challenging but invaluable. The feedback was honest, constructive and detailed and clarified what I do well. Crucially, it also forced me to recognise how I act under pressure — not always positively — and what I need to work on to get to the next level.

Manager, finance company

Graduate Training Programme

Inspirational. I assumed I could get by using my qualifications and technical skills. Now I understand that I need a lot more than just that to succeed in this organisation. The facilitators seemed to really understand our challenges and this training programme is something I will refer back to for a long time.

Graduate, UK bank

Customer Journey Event

Outstanding. This is without doubt the best event I have ever been to. And what’s amazing is that our own people delivered it. I got goose bumps watching them.

Finance Director, financial services

Resilience and Wellbeing

Our team are not really a group that like to share ‘feelings’. Now we understand the serious impact of poor mental health on our personal and professional lives, and we have ongoing plans and coping strategies in place. The whole place seems a calmer, happier and more productive environment.

COO, services industry

Improved Emotional Intelligence with the Strengths Deployment Inventory

What an enlightening session. The reason for frustrations within the team has become clear. I now know how to adapt my style so I can be a better manager and help reduce unhealthy organisational politics.

Senior Leader, IT company