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Leading Culture Change to Support Business Transformation

Connecting your people and practices to your vision and values

Rapidly changing markets force today’s organisations to transform at an unprecedented rate. Usually the initial focus is on evolving the tangible product or service offering. Yet effective strategic planning also requires business leaders to recognise the importance and value of that intangible asset: the organisational culture. 

A positive culture has the power to attract and retain your most talented people, impress external audiences and influence customer choices

DRIVE helps you create practical strategies and plans for bringing about effective culture change.

We take a collaborative approach to carrying out an end to end review of your culture, including the cultural symbols that signify the current norms and unspoken business principles. Working closely with your people we help you gain valuable insight into the employee experience and generate a clear vision for a future culture, aligned to your purpose and values, which will benefit employees and customers alike.

What Our Clients Say

“We’ve known for a long time we had to change but we recognised it wouldn’t be easy. DRIVE helped us identify the areas that were holding us back and creating a mismatch between what we said and what we did. They were the steady voice of reason and kept us focused. We have made a great start and know that with DRIVE’s continued support we will achieve the culture we want and one we can be truly proud of.”

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The DRIVE Perspective

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Culture and Diversity

Does your strong business culture create a barrier to diversity?