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DRIVE Individual Success


Ensuring talented people fulfil their potential.

Business success relies on the unique contribution of every employee.

Our personal development programmes have been specifically designed to recognise and nurture the singular strengths of each participant.

Our Emotional Intelligence, Executive Coaching and Developing your Personal Brand sessions help the individual learn about their natural traits and preferred behaviours, whilst our Resilience and Wellbeing workshops ensure individuals develop effective strategies in times of both success and challenge.

What Our Clients Say

"The Programme opened my eyes to my abilities and potential. I was the one holding myself back!"


Technology Sector

DRIVE Individual Success through:

People skills

Emotional Intelligence.

Creating effective, influential and productive working relationships for personal success.


Executive Coaching.

Accelerating success by helping good people become even better.

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Developing your Personal Brand.

Improving impact and influence by presenting our best selves in every situation.

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Resilience and Wellbeing.

Helping people stay calm and confident through challenging periods for sustained effectiveness.

DRIVE Team Success

Helping teams achieve more than they ever thought possible

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DRIVE Business Success

Aligning people strategies with business goals

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