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Cognitive Diversity for stronger teams

Harnessing individual difference for innovation and performance

In a high-achieving team, individual members work in synergy to create, problem-solve, innovate and reach their goals. Just as each brings their own specific skills set and knowledge to the mix, they also have uniquely different approaches – and needs – when it comes to personality, learning styles and thought processes. 

Cognitive diversity offers a wealth of benefits when it is properly understood and valued, however when different approaches are not fully appreciated it can spark conflict.

DRIVE helps teams to improve their relationship intelligence – the ability to know how to speak each other’s ‘language’ and to show up with the right strengths for the moment – all while staying true to their intrinsic motives and values. 

Our cognitive diversity programmes:

  • Improve collaboration – supporting performance, creativity and innovation
  • Build resilient team relationships – helping them achieve breakthroughs when other teams break down
  • Support team managers – by helping them better understand the team dynamic, their collective strengths and the opportunities these create

What Our Clients Say

“DRIVE has helped us accelerate the togetherness of our leadership team by creating an environment where there is increased openness and trust which has been achieved by understanding each other better. We have broken down many barriers quicker than we would have otherwise done and put in place the foundations of a great team.”

Sales Director

IT industry

The DRIVE Perspective

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Culture and Diversity

Does your strong business culture create a barrier to diversity?