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Supporting Working Parents to Improve Loyalty and Retention

Improving loyalty and retention through a strong working parents’ culture

The shifting landscape of society in the UK means that households are increasingly made up of two working parents with women now making up more than half of the workforce. 

Working parents often need flexibility from their employers in order to cope with work and home commitments. Parenting commonly arrives at a time when individuals have become hugely valuable assets to the business; they are knowledgeable and experienced and hold key relationships with stakeholders. These competing responsibilities are commonly felt by middle managers and can impact the willingness of talented individuals to rise into senior leadership positions where it is perceived that work-life balance is even further strained.

Organisations wanting to attract and retain the best talent need competitive, compelling and effective policies and a culture that recognises that flexibility and performance are not mutually exclusive.

DRIVE works with organisations to create an inclusive culture that secures loyalty by recognising these needs, and where talented people don’t have to choose between a family life and a career. 

Our New Parents workshops help professionals adjust to their new responsibilities and feel in control both in and out of work. 

In our Supporting Parents workshops we equip managers to build the trust and loyalty that will enable the parents in their team to perform at their best.

We also offer full Maternity Returner coaching that begins before the Mum-to-be starts her maternity leave to ensure a confident, effective and positive transition both before and after the baby arrives.

What Our Clients Say

“DRIVE’s coaching before and after maternity leave has had a huge impact on my confidence to come back to work and not be afraid to have the conversations I would probably have shied away from before. The practical strategies I adopted have made the transition back far simpler. I know my manager has also found the sessions useful and I feel really lucky to be so well supported.”



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