A Coaching Story

“I’ll never forget scoring myself on my self-awareness in session 1. Today I score myself significantly lower but my self-awareness is substantially greater. The power of the work I have done with Becky, my DRIVE coach, has been transformative in my professional life and my personal life. I never lacked confidence, but having a deeper self-awareness and more conscious approach to relationships has given me a significantly more open mind to other perspectives and just what can be accomplished. I credit the work I have done with Becky as the key contribution to this change and achievements I didn’t truly believe were possible.  

I had been cynical about the real benefits of coaching, probably why previous Exec coaches had indicated I was ‘uncoachable’. Today, I am the greatest advocate of just how transformative the right coach is in helping you achieve what might appear unachievable. I talk a lot less now, I listen more. And the results are quite staggering. My relationships with clients, colleagues, friends and family are all richer and more authentic.

If you want an easy life or to pay lip service to your personal development, do not work with DRIVE! Becky pushes me to be honest with myself continuously, has a knack of opening the traits that I have bluffed myself (and others) didn’t need opening and has me set goals that simply feel impossible. Then she dissects, challenges and supports my every thought and action to make me conscious of my strengths and failings in achieving greatness. The results have been extraordinarily positive, but in no way easy!”

Our Client Stories

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