A Manager’s Story

“I have known Elizabeth a long time and she’s always shown herself to be someone with great potential and very capable. However, over the years she faced a number of challenges in and out of work and ended up in not a great place.

I have seen many things as a manager but have never seen someone come back as strongly as Elizabeth has done. She faced her problems head on and to say there has been a total transformation is an understatement. DRIVE’s Gender Diversity Programme has played an important role in that transformation. Elizabeth embraced the programme and used every aspect to develop herself: in her role, as a leader and as an individual.

The coaching and mentoring from the programme have given Elizabeth key learning points and techniques for her to use day to day and provided a great sounding board to help her work through some immediate challenges. Elizabeth now has the confidence to be herself rather than trying to fit other people’s expectations. She continues to grow, develop, expand her knowledge and levels of expertise and is using this new found purpose and confidence to support her colleagues. Elizabeth was recently recognised as Star Performer. 

Elizabeth has been inspirational in her attitude, approach and demeanour and is a true asset to the company.”

Our Client Stories

A Coaching Story

"I'll never forget scoring myself on my self-awareness in session 1. Today I score myself significantly lower but my self-awareness is substantially greater. The power of the work I have done with Becky, my DRIVE coach, has been transformative in…

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A Sponsor’s Story

"Gender diversity has been an organisational objective for some time but the ‘how’ felt a little daunting and was becoming a barrier to significant progress in this area.   The DRIVE team worked alongside me to design the programme to fit…

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