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A Sponsor’s Story

“Gender diversity has been an organisational objective for some time but the ‘how’ felt a little daunting and was becoming a barrier to significant progress in this area.  

The DRIVE team worked alongside me to design the programme to fit our business needs, to determine the measures of success and to be clear about the objectives to key stakeholders, whilst providing valuable market insight throughout.

The pilot programme was such an overwhelming success that we have now run it for a number of cohorts across the UK and are planning a global rollout. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit we were thrilled that DRIVE could pivot the programme online – with absolutely no negative impact on key success factors.

Both the group workshops and the personal coaching activities delivered by DRIVE continue to be transformational for our delegates and have led to enhanced confidence, purpose and ambition so that they are more capable of taking a more significant role in the leadership of our organisation. This is evidenced by a good number of programme attendees who have proactively taken on more responsibility or achieved promotions. 

DRIVE have been pivotal in helping me to deliver the objectives of my gender diversity programme and I am delighted with the outcomes.”

Our Client Stories

A Coaching Story

"I'll never forget scoring myself on my self-awareness in session 1. Today I score myself significantly lower but my self-awareness is substantially greater. The power of the work I have done with Becky, my DRIVE coach, has been transformative in…

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A Manager’s Story

"I have known Elizabeth a long time and she’s always shown herself to be someone with great potential and very capable. However, over the years she faced a number of challenges in and out of work and ended up in…

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